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Artist Statement

As an installation artist and muralist, I create new landscapes that seek a balance of building new worlds from the waste of this one. I am compelled to find moments of intimacy, beauty and wonder through the transformation of the common and abundant. With a reverence for the natural world, I am inspired by transitional landscapes where culture and nature collide. The scale and volume of the work speaks for itself as a call for action and awareness to the state of global consumption and industrial waste in our changing world.


Using repurposed materials I create site-specific installations that embody transformation with a sense of decay, entropy and growth. Working with local partners, each installation begins with collecting and curating non-recyclable materials. Assembling these byproducts intuitively and methodically—I present new life in the material through detailed handcrafting, carefully re-ordering, and re-contextualizing.


Manipulating these products of industry into large-scale organic forms emphasizes both the beautiful intricacies in nature and the inorganic nature of the materials themselves. As I combine a large volume of repetitive, organic forms, my work naturally feels familiar yet otherworldly at the same time. I explore the concept of memory, focusing on the process of transformation, the exchange of information, and a collection of narratives.

I take the unassuming and create the unexpected—encouraging moments of curiosity and discovery and challenging the boundaries of the familiar, the natural, and the memory. My work opens possibilities of transformation—offering opportunities for sustainability, innovation and environmental and social justice.

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