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Gruit Collaborative Mural

Public Collaborative Mural in partnership with Fort Collins Mural Project and New Belgium Brewery at the New Belgium Headquarters in Fort Collins, CO. 

In the summer of 2023, in time for New Belgium staff retreat, we worked with over 30 employees to fill the designated wall with vibrant paintings that’s empowered the community to represent their experience and story in a playful exploration of paint. In the course of three hours we were able to cover over 800 ft.², allowing the employees to leave their mark in a green and yellow color scheme. The FCMP board then stepped in to overlay a negative space mural that would emphasize the staff mural while also incorporating a cohesive design connecting our regional environment to beer culture.

The result: a forest floor landscape made up of bitter herbs that grow in the Rocky Mountains and would be used as a buttering agent instead of hops in a “gruit” style beer. This design and process was orchestrated by Chelsea Gilmore, and completed with Jess Bean, Siobhán Tuck, Lauren Nagle, Mēgan Kelly, Anne Rose Sendack, Tanya Papa, and Rebecca Johnson. 
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