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Repurposed plastic sheeting, staples
Installed at the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder, CO. 2019
There is an Art Exhibit in Boulder That Lets You Touch Everything

I want to respond to space as an animal. When we are overwhelmed in a visual and tactile experience, our intrinsic nature sets in as we remember the ways of life beyond our own. We question Self. Are we human? Are we animal? Are we nature? Can Self be recognized in a wild and untamed experience like this? Where will we fit and seek solace? Beneath the wrinkles of petals, within cracks of the earth’s bed, nestled between folds of algae, or hidden amongst coral- this I create and we inhabit.


Amidst the wreckage of modern society, technological advances, and industrial culture, we find ourselves at a disconnect with the planet that supports us. The waste we create consumes habitats across the world and forces ecosystems to rapidly adjust to the changing conditions or be extinguished. Diversity declines and we continue to search for beauty in the natural world. I wonder where will we find this experience of awe and wonder when our world is a wasteland. Latin for against the natural order (de- of or against, natura- nature) this responds to this condition and seeks beauty from industrial waste.

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