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Artist Bio

Chelsea Gilmore | Firehouse Art Center Art Residency | Longmont, CO | 2020 

Having grown up in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I have always been inspired by the natural word. My art not only communicates this love of the environment and ecology, but explores material and breaks boundaries of cultural association of abundant discarded objects.  With a deep reverence for the natural world I find myself grieving in its current state, and seeking peace through creativity and compassion. As an herbalist, writer, and installation artist, I am working to connect the threads of my life’s practice and find balance through a collection of installation artworks, abandoned creations, and a series of writings involving love, gardens, and burials. 

I received a BFA in Sculpture at Colorado State University, in Colorado in 2013. I am a certified herbalist with over three years of intensive studies in connecting to the land. I teach community workshops on herbalism, cooking and fermentation. I am a teaching artist, serving schools and community centers across the urban range of the state of Colorado with arts integration.  I have attended artist residencies in Colombia, Vermont, and Colorado, and shown work in many states across the US and Colombia.


In the last five years I have developed a practice of mural painting, bringing my large scale sensibility of site specific installation works into a public painted format. Find my murals across the Front Range of Colorado into the Eastern Colorado Plains. I continue to grow food, forage, create, write, and teach as I currently reside in Northern Colorado. 


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